Chapter 115

Emily and AJ spent the next few days doing not a whole lot. They spent a whole lot of time in bed together talking, holding each other and making love. Sometimes it was sweet, sometimes it was raw and dirty. They did go out to brunch with his mom and went out on the town a few times. Tonight they actually had plans to do something special. It was, after all, New Years Eve.

“So tell me again about this party you’re taking me to?” she yelled from the shower as she washed her hair.

“It’s at Planet Hollywood downtown. It’s a big red carpet affair, lots of somebodys. I think it’ll be really fun but if you don’t want to go we don’t have to. I know it might not be your thing so I’d totally understand but if you want to go that’s fine to but we don’t have to stay we could just go and….”

“AJ stop!” Emily said, shutting off the water. “I want to go. I agree with you, I think it’ll be fun. Besides, this is part of who you are! If it makes me uncomfortable, I’m just going to have to get used to it sooner or later.”

“I know but I don’t want you to do things for me that make you uncomfortable!”

“AJ, listen to me. You love parties. I love you, and believe it or not, I actually do enjoy parties. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet some really cool people. Then, when the clock strikes twelve, you can kiss me and we can come home and ring in the new year together.” She said, seductively.

“Ok. If you’re sure.”

“I’m positive!”

“Now I only have one question.” He said.

“What’s that?”

“What the hell am I going to wear? The party’s tonight and I still don’t have anything picked out!”

“Well don’t panic, we’ll find you something in that enormous closet of yours!”

Emily managed to help AJ pick out an outfit after he tried on about twenty different combinations.

“Are you ok now, because I only have half an hour to get dressed myself so we don’t miss our dinner reservation!” Emily said, as AJ primped in the mirror.

AJ turned around and gave her a kiss. “Yes, thank you. Go get dressed and take as much time as you need!”

AJ had mentioned the party briefly before they left Atlanta giving Emily enough time to borrow something from Leighanne. She had a hard time finding something that looked right since Leighanne was more endowed in the bust than she was and many of her dresses were too big in the chest. She finally settled on a slinky, light pink dress that fell to the mid-thigh. The spaghetti straps were adjustable so she was able to tighten it up a bit. She added some sparkly chandelier earrings and managed to tame her curls to wear her hair down. She slid on her silver heels and sprayed herself with her favorite perfume. She touched up her lip gloss as she double checked herself in the mirror. Perfect.

“I’m ready!” she said, coming downstairs. “And with three minutes to spare!”

“You look absolutely gorgeous!”

“And I see you decided to go with the blue shirt after all!” she said.

“Yeah, you were right. It does make my eyes look dreamy!” he teased.

“I can’t believe it took you that long to pick out black pants and a blue dress shirt!”

“Hey! This is not just any dress shirt! It’s Armani!”

“And what about the pants?”

“Well, the pants I actually bought at Macys but I really like them!” he admitted.

“I don’t care where you bought them, they look sexy!”

AJ escorted Emily out to the car and helped her in before getting in the driver’s seat.

“I’m excited! I can’t wait to see who’s at the party!” she said.

“Oh yeah? You in the mood to meet some famous people tonight, are you?”

“I even brought my autograph book!”

AJ chuckled. “You’re kidding, right?”

Emily rolled her eyes. “Of course I’m kidding! Geez!” she didn’t admit that she had stuck a pen and paper in her purse just in case. “Are you worried some other famous man will try and steal me away by flashing his golden globes?”

“Golden globes? That sounds…disturbing!”

AJ treated Emily to a very delicious (and very expensive) steak dinner. Emily didn’t think she’d ever been served so many courses before at a meal. There was the bread, the salad, the appetizer, the soup, the steak and potato and finally the incredible mango cheesecake for dessert.

“Oh my God, I’m so stuffed I’m surprised my dress still fits!” she moaned as they walked back out to the car.

“Nonsense! You still look damn hot!”

They arrived at Planet Hollywood and Emily was shocked at the scene. There were people all over out front with cameras. Some press, some just regular people trying to spot some celebrities. AJ pulled up to the valet at the door and walked around to Emily’s side to help her out. He placed a protective arm around her waist as he escorted her to the door. Emily could hear people all around her screaming his name.

“Shouldn’t you stop and pose for some pictures?” she yelled in his ear.

“Nah. They’ve already got enough of us! Besides, they’ll probably still be here when we leave. They can get me again later!”

The doors opened and they stepped inside the part.

“Welcome Mr. McLean! We’re glad you could join us tonight.” The greeter said.

She escorted them into the main party room. “Drinks are over there, food over there. Justin’s scheduled to perform at 11:30. Enjoy the party and please let us know if we can get you anything else.”

“Wow! Royal treatment.” Emily exclaimed. “Wait…Justin as in Justin Timberlake is going to sing?” she asked, horrified.

AJ cracked a smile. “Yeah, I might have heard something about that.”

“And you still wanted to come?”

AJ kissed her cheek. “I love you, Em. He’s not that bad of a guy!”

“But he’s the competition!”

“Well, you know what they say. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”

“So which is he, friend or enemy?”

AJ winked. “I’ll never tell.”

AJ led her around the room making the rounds. He introduced her to the people he knew and pointed out the ones he didn’t. In about twenty minutes she met Hilary Duff (not really the type of celebrity she was hoping to meet), Paris Hilton (even skankier in person as she actually had the nerve to flirt with him right in front of her), John Stamos, the cast of the OC and most of Grey’s Anatomy (she had a brief daydream involving her and Patrick Dempsey). She also saw some pretty big name movie stars sitting together off in a corner.

“Would you like something to drink?” he offered.


He led them over to a high top bar table and sat her down while he went over to the bar and got them some drinks. He returned a few minutes later with a cherry coke for himself and a glass of champagne for her

“AJ you didn’t have to do that!” she said.

“It’s ok Em. I don’t expect you not to drink just because I chose not to. Besides, you look like you need to relax a bit!” he teased.

AJ and Emily hit the dance floor after they finished their drinks and showed off their hot dance moves for a few hours before returning to a table at the bar to take a rest. The alleged Justin performance was supposed to start in about twenty minutes so they decided to hold on to their table. Emily just didn’t think her loyalty would allow her to dance to his songs. Not that she didn’t enjoy some of them, she has after all brought sexy back a time or two.

They were enjoying some sort of chocolate brownie cake thing when someone came up behind them and asked, with a British accent, if he could sit there.

“Is this seat taken?” the voice asked.

“Not at all! Knock yourself out!” AJ said, turning around.

“Great. Just one sec, I’m going to get another drink.”

AJ turned to Emily and put his hand on her arm. “Brace yourself, Em.” He grinned.

“What? Who is it?” she asked, wide-eyed.

“The one and only American Idol Simon.” He said quietly.

“No shit! I didn’t know he was here!”

“Neither did I. But he’s going to be back in just a minute with his drink.”

“Damn! It’s just like my fantasy!”

“You have a fantasy about Simon?” AJ asked, not sure if he should be amused or jealous.

“Not that kind! I have just always thought it would be fun to sit in a dark karaoke bar with Simon, sipping some drinks and making fun of the singers together.”

“Well, this isn’t exactly karaoke night, babe!”

“I know, but Justin’s going to be singing so it’s close enough.”

AJ chuckled.

“Sorry, the bartender was a total idiot!” Simon said, taking his seat. “You’re AJ McLean, right?”

“The one and only.” AJ smiled and shook Simon’s hand.

“And who is this lovely lady with you?” Simon asked.

“This is my wonderful girlfriend Emily.”

“Very nice to meet you, Emily.” Simon said, shaking Emily’s hand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” Emily said. AJ nearly choked as he tried not to laugh.

Simon looked only mildly put off that she didn’t seem to know who he was. “Simon.”

“Oh right! Sorry, I’ve met so many people tonight names are totally slipping my mind!”

Simon forced a smile. “So Emily, tell me. Are you in the music industry yourself?”

“Me? Oh heavens no!” Emily laughed.

“Don’t let her fool you! She’s still a musician.” AJ said.

“Really? What do you play?”

“Oh, I just teach piano lessons to little kids is all.” Emily blushed.

“That’s excellent! A very productive use of your talents!” Simon said.

“Yeah, try telling that to my mother.” Emily muttered.

“So how did you two meet?” Simon asked, sipping his drink.

“I actually work for his singing partner Brian Littrell.”

“Brian…he’s the one going into the Christian music scene, right?”

“That’d be him.” AJ answered.

Just then the house lights went down and an announcer came on. “Ladies and Gentleman, Justin Timberlake will take the stage in just a few short minutes to help us ring in the new year. The champagne is being passed around as we speak. Thank you all for coming and please enjoy the rest of your night!”

“Oh great…I can’t believe we’re all being forced to listen to a nasally voiced, off key performance!” Simon muttered.

“My thoughts exactly.” Emily said.

“Jesus. Maybe you should be on American Idol too, Em.” AJ said, enjoying their comments to an extent while also not taking too kindly to them since Justin was, after all, a fellow performer,.

“I would love that! Paula is just way too nice. I think I would be awesome.”

Simon laughed. “If we ever need a fill in, I’ll be sure to call you.”

Chapter 116

Emily managed to make it through Justin’s 30 minute performance and she and AJ shared a juicy kiss at the stroke if midnight.

“Happy New Year baby!” he whispered.

“Happy New Year to you too!”

They said goodbye to Simon a few minutes later and excused themselves from the party. AJ was right, there were still plenty of people out front wanting pictures. This time AJ indulged them a bit and posed with Emily pulled closely to him.

“AJ! Who’s the girl?” People screamed.

“She’s someone very special.” AJ responded as he climbed in his car.

“That was a very trained response!” Emily laughed.

“What was?”

“The ‘she’s someone very special’ response.”

“Oh, yeah we all learned that it’s best not to give names out. I mean they probably already know who you are anyway but it helps respect your privacy as much as possible.”

“Well thanks!”

When they got back to AJ’s house, he grabbed her in the kitchen for another kiss. “I feel like taking a dip in the hot tub, how about you?” he whispered seductively in her ear.

“Mmm, that sounds pretty good. I could use a lot hotness.” She winked at him.

“I do have a no swimsuits rule though.” He said.

“Oh, well in that case….”

Emily followed AJ out on to his deck and waited for him to turn on the jets. “Feel like helping me out of this dress?” she asked.

“It’s pretty much all I’ve wanted to do all night.”

AJ leaned in and kissed her as his hands expertly unzipped her dress. He gently guided the straps off her shoulders and let it slide slowly to the ground, revealing her pink lace underwear set. AJ eyed her seductively and claimed her lips again. Emily’s hands quickly found the buttons of his shirt and quickly undid them, pushing the shirt down his shoulders and tugging it off of his arms. Instead of his usual wife-beater underneath, he was actually wearing a white t-shirt that hugged his muscles in a way that made it look like it was made just for his body. She leaned in and kissed his neck as she undid his pants and let them drop. Tonight he was sporting black boxer-briefs that revealed exactly how turned on he was by her.

AJ stepped back and quickly shed himself of his remaining clothes before quickly picking Emily up and getting in the hot tub.

“Hey!” she squealed in surprise. “You said no swimsuits!”

“It’s your underwear and I decided it would be more fun to peel it off of you when it’s all wet.”

“So why exactly do you have a hot tub in Orlando, anyway?”

“We have the occasional chilly night!” he defended.

“Right. Your chilly night would probably still be perfectly good swimming pool weather to many kids in Ohio!”

“Well you northerners have thicker, warmer blood!” AJ said, pulling her up onto his lap.

“Tonight could be the last night we get to make love for awhile.” Emily said.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because tomorrow I have to go home!”

“Well, we’d better make this count then, shouldn’t we?”

“Yes. And hopefully there’ll be time for a recount in the morning.”

Emily’s lips came crashing down on AJ’s and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He quickly had her out of her wet bra and carefully boosted her out of the water so he could suckle on her nipples. The water was so hot that there was steam coming off of her skin as it met the cooler night air. His fingers worked their way underneath her underwear and he gently stroked her, eliciting some rather loud moans from Emily. She sat back down in the water and decided it was about time he had some torture of his own. She slid her hand ever so slowly down his chest until she reached his hardened manhood. She teased around it for a few minutes until he was practically squirming in his seat. AJ reached down and grabbed her wrist.

“Lady, if you keep that up I’m going to have to punish you.”

“So? Punish me anyway!” she taunted.

Hearing his bluff called, AJ quickly removed her panties underwater and tossed them over the edge. He grabbed her and sat her down on top of him, groaning as he felt her tight warmth surround him. In a few quick moments AJ had Emily moaning loudly again and her punishment began. AJ was very skilled when it came to controlling his release. Some said he was borderline tantric. He said it was just discipline. He made love to Emily for over thirty minutes and took her through three orgasms before he finally let himself go.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he panted, leaning his head back to catch his breath.

“Uh-huh. You’re probably going to have to carry me out of here though.” She mumbled.

AJ dropped Emily off at the airport the next morning. She wasn’t as sad to leave this time. She knew things were looking up and he always managed to find a way to find time to see her or at least talk to her as much as he could.

“Brian and Leighanne are so lucky. They’re going to Hawaii for Valentine’s Day.” Emily said in the car.

“And you get stuck at home with Baylee?”

“That’s what they pay me for!”

“Well then I’ll just have to try my very best to come see you for Valentine’s Day.”

“I understand if you can’t make it. It’s just a stupid Hallmark Holiday anyway.”

“If you say so…..”

“What’s that mean?”

“Just that, you know, you women always say it’s a stupid holiday but then you get all bent out of shape when you don’t have a date or he doesn’t get your flowers or chocolate or take you out for a nice date.”

Emily nodded. “You have a point. But that’s only because it’s probably the one day of the year where we don’t have to remind you men what romance is!”

“Ah. So you should be thanking Hallmark, not condemning them.”

Emily laughed. “I suppose I should.”

They didn’t have much time to say goodbye, Emily was running a little late and she was worried her plane was about to board.

“Call me later?” she asked.

“Of course! Give me a call when you get home though, ok?”


AJ lifted her chin with his finger and gave her a soft, sweet kiss. “I love you Em.”

“Love you too.” She said, forcing a smile.

“You’d better go.” He said, patting her on the rear.

“Ok. See ya later!”

Not long after, Emily was seated in her very comfortable first class seat, compliments of AJ of course, and it wasn’t long later that she found herself back to being attacked by Baylee when she walked through the front door.

“Welcome back Miss. Emily! Did you and Uncle AJ make up?”

“Why yes we did!” Emily said, kneeling down to give him a big hug.

“Wanna play shoots and ladders with me later?” he asked.

“I’d love to! You come and get me when you’re ready, ok?”

Emily said hello to Brian and Leighanne who tried not to ask too many questions about her and AJ. She gave them enough info to appease them before excusing herself to her room to call AJ and let him know she was home safe and sound.

Chapter 117

Things pretty much went back to the regular routine. Brian was away tons but Leighanne was around a lot more which meant that Emily had free time from Baylee every day when Leighanne was done with whatever she was doing that day and she also had an adult around the house to keep her company. Baylee had become quite a handful lately, his temper tantrums had hit an all time high. Leighanne took him grocery shopping one day and came home an hour later with no groceries and a screaming, kicking Baylee. She carried him in the house and sent him straight to his room for the rest of the evening.

Apparently, he wanted the candy bar badly.

Valentine’s day was only two days away and Emily had yet to hear anything from AJ about seeing him and she was getting very jealous watching Brian and Leighanne packing for Hawaii.

“Is something the matter, Em?” AJ asked on their nightly phone call.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just bummed watching Brian and Leighanne get ready to go on their trip and that I don’t get to see you on Valentine’s day.”

“Well, you never know. My schedule might magically clear up for a few days, right?”

“I guess it’s possible. It’s also possible for pigs to fly.”

“Hey! I’ve seen a pig fly!” AJ said.

Emily laughed. “You have not!”

“I have too!”

“Ok fine. What were you on when you saw it?”

“Are you implying that I was high?”


“Well, I wasn’t. I was drunk.”

“Oh. Well in that case I’ll just have to take your word for it!”

The conversation that night was short. AJ said he was busy and Emily really didn’t feel much like talking. She knew she shouldn’t be upset with him but she really felt like he could have tried just a little harder to see her. She couldn’t imagine what was keeping him so busy that he couldn’t get away for a day. He certainly made time for other things. Emily figured Brian and Leighanne sensed her foul mood because they seemed very distant from her the day before Valentine’s day. She decided they just didn’t want to make her feel jealous by rubbing it in anymore than they already had. Emily told AJ she wasn’t feel well and went to bed early that night. Baylee had really worn her out that day with all of his fits and tantrums and she really wasn’t in the mood to talk.

She woke up very early the next morning to the sound of her door creaking open. She looked at the clock. It was barely 5. Must be Baylee. He sometimes came in to see her after a bad dream, especially if Mommy and Daddy’s door happened to be locked for one reason or another….

“Baylee? Are you ok?” she mumbled.

“Sorry. Not Baylee.”

Emily sat up. “AJ?”

He turned on a light. “Who else would it be?”

Emily squinted in the bright light. “What the hell are you doing here so early? What are you doing here at all?”

AJ handed her a gorgeous pink rose. “Happy Valentine’s Day Darlin’.You didn’t really think I’d leave you all alone today, did you?”

Emily took the rose and gave him a kiss. “Actually, yes, I really did think that. You mean you had this planned all along?”

“More or less.”

“And you couldn’t have come in at a decent hour?”

“Well, you see, I had to come early enough to deliver your present. It’s very time sensitive.”

“Is that your way of telling me you’re horny right now?”

AJ laughed. “No. Here. Open this.” He handed her an envelope.

Emily looked at him suspiciously before she opened it and pulled out two plane tickets.

“These tickets are for today! To Hawaii?!?!?”

“Oh really? Is that what they say?” AJ teased.

Emily swatted at him. “You’re taking me to Hawaii? TODAY?”

“Surprise!” AJ said.

“Do Brian and Leighanne know about this?”

“Of course! What did you think they were going to do for childcare? I’m certainly not bring the little monster with us!”

“I just can’t believe this! I’ve never been to Hawaii before! When do we leave?”

“We actually need to leave for the airport in two hours. Don’t panic, I’ll help you pack! Brian’s parents are meeting us at the airport to pick up Baylee and take him home with them.”

“Two hours? I’ve got to get moving!” Emily said, throwing the covers off. “Why don’t you dig my big suitcase out of the closet while I take a quick shower. You can grab some summer clothes out of my closet too if you like but please try and pick my normal clothes ok? Keep in mind I will be out in public.”

AJ saluted her. “Yes dear.”

Emily was surprised at how efficient of a packer AJ could be when it wasn’t his wardrobe. By the time she emerged from the bathroom he had most of her things packed already.

“I got your shorts, tank tops, some t-shirts, a few cute little sundresses and some sandals to match, flip flops, water shoes and all three of your bathing suits. All that’s left is underwear and toiletries.”

Emily walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Thank you. This is an incredible surprise. I love you.” She said, giving him a kiss.

“I love you too.” AJ said, giving her a tight squeeze. “And just think! We’ll have all that time in our tropical hotel suite for you to thank me!”

“Oh honey, by the time I get done with you you’ll be thanking me!”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” he asked.

“I’d consider it both.”

AJ cleared his throat. “You’d better finish packing before I throw you down on this bed and we end up missing our flight! Oh and I almost forgot….Kevin and Kristin are going to meet us out there. She’s actually surprising him with a trip.”

“Awesome!” Emily said, grabbing some underwear and bras and throwing them in her bag. “Just let me get a carry-on packed and all my bath stuff and I’ll be set.

Emily quickly threw some magazines and a few books into a tote bag along with her ipod, camera, camera charger and her laptop. She quickly went into the bathroom and packed up all of her shower things and nearly forgot her toothbrush as she zipped up her bags and announced herself officially packed.

“We even have time for a quick breakfast!” she said.

“Emily, I think you forgot one important thing.” AJ said.

“What? I packed the lacy thong you like so much!”

AJ laughed. “I know, but how do you expect to get there if you leave the tickets on your bed?”

Emily blushed. “I was in a hurry, ok?” she said, snatching up the tickets and placing them carefully in her tote bag.

Emily and AJ made a quick breakfast and were soon joined by Brian, Leighanne and a sleepy Baylee.

“So were you totally surprised?” Leighanne asked her.

“Uh, yeah! You could say that.” Emily said. “I’m SO excited!”

“Have you ever been there before?” Brian asked.

“No, Florida’s the closest to tropical I’ve ever been.”

“Oh you’re going to love it!” Leighanne said. “You have to go snorkeling! It’s incredible!”

They finished their breakfast and Emily quickly ran through a mental list trying to think if there was anything she might have forgotten. She quickly put her purse in her tote bag so she wouldn’t forget that and managed to dig out her sunglasses from her car just as the airport van pulled into the driveway.

“Ready Em?” AJ asked.

“Absolutely!” Emily said as AJ helped her into the van. It was a short ride to the airport and before she knew it, she was checked in and sitting at the window seat next to AJ and behind Brian and Leighanne in the first class cabin.

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