Chapter 118

After a long plane ride, Emily found herself standing in an open-air terminal receiving a Hawaiian lei greeting as they waited for their luggage. She took in the warm breeze and fresh air around her. It was going to be a great vacation!

“So where to now?” she asked as AJ grabbed her suitcase off the belt.

“We find the shuttle to the rental car office where we rent a wonderful red convertible and then head to our hotel.”

AJ led the way through the Kona International Airport and the shuttles and found the one they were looking for. The driver loaded their bags as they climbed into the air conditioned bus. A short drive and a long line later they were in their car.

“Do you know how to get there?” she asked.

“Well, here’s the map, they circled the hotel. Think you can navigate us?”

“I hope so!”

About thirty minutes later Emily successfully found their hotel. AJ pulled into the valet lot where they were greeted by a friendly Hawaiian bellman whose name was Kai. He gave them a very friendly welcome and immediately loaded their bags onto a cart for them while they stepped up to the front desk. Emily quickly noticed how everything was open air styled. There were ceilings but not really any walls, allowing the ocean breeze to blow through the lobby and restaurant on the far side near the water. Brian and Leighanne pulled up just as AJ and Emily got their keys. They quickly waved and followed Kai over to the elevators which they took up to the sixth floor, the top floor of the hotel. He led them to their room at the end of the hall and set the bags in just inside the door while AJ got out a generous tip for him.

“These guys live off of tips out here. There’s really no industry except the tourist industry and most Hawaiians work at least two jobs to make ends meet. If they don’t earn good tips they might as well not bother working at all!” AJ explained.

Emily barely heard his speech. She was too busy walking around their oceanfront suite in awe. There were huge windows with a sliding door that led out to a balcony overlooking the beautiful blue water. There was a couch, dining table with four chairs and an entertainment center to enjoy the ocean view from. On one side of the living room was a small but fully stocked kitchen complete with an oven, fridge and dishwasher. On the other side of the living room was the bedroom. Emily walked in and found a beautiful king sized bed that faced the same ocean view the living room had. There was a large bathroom with beautiful smelling soaps and lotions that Emily would definitely be putting straight into her suitcase to take home with her.

“There’s even a washer and dryer over here in this closet!” AJ called from the entryway!

“AJ, this place is amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave!”

“Awesome! We got coupons to get the Big Kahuna breakfast buffet every day!” AJ said, looking through the folder on the counter.

“Is it really only 3:00?” Emily asked, noticing the alarm clock.

“Sure is! There’s a six hour time change! And tonight we’ve all got reservations to the best luau on the island at 5:00.”

“Really? A luau? Oh I have just the perfect dress to wear. I’m going to get it out right now and hang it up.” Emily said, unzipping her suitcase and pulling out the dress. She hung it on a hanger and sprayed it with some of her special wrinkle spray and hung it up in the closet.

“You know, we still have some time before we have to get ready. Maybe we should test out the bed springs, make sure they’re ok before we commit to this room!” AJ said, sitting down on the bed.

Emily smiled at him. “Well, since I wouldn’t let you join the mile high club on the plane I suppose I can help you test the bed out!”

AJ grabbed her hands and pulled her down onto the bed with him.

By now they had nearly mastered the art of the quickie. They relieved each other of their clothes immediately as their lips and hands worked feverishly. They both had learned each others bodies so well that they knew just what to do and when to do it.

AJ could sense by Emily’s moans and kisses that she was in no mood to dawdle around. He waited until he felt her arch against him before he entered her with one swift motion causing them both to moan loudly. He kissed her deeply as he made love to her and waited until she was ready for release before he took his own.

AJ collapsed next to her, breathless.

“Talk about the Big Kahuna!” Emily said. “I think I’d rather that be my breakfast every day!”

AJ chuckled. “We can arrange for that. It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase breakfast in bed!”

“Maybe that’s why they have the huge breakfast buffet. I mean this place is full of honeymooners and couples on romantic getaways! They’ve all worked up an appetite and need nourishment to make it through the day!”

After concluding that the bed was in superb condition, Emily and AJ took quick showers to freshen up and get dressed for the luau. Emily wore a black halter sundress with bright blue tropical flowers on it. AJ sported his classic look of black pants and a tight, white short sleeve shirt. Emily sprayed herself with her newest perfume, Exotic Coconut just as AJ walked into the bedroom.

“You smell good enough to eat!” he said, sniffing her neck.

“Well, maybe later you can!” she winked at him in the mirror.



AJ stepped back from her and cleared his throat. “Are you uh, ready to go?” he said, obviously very aroused at their banter.

Emily smiled. “Yes I am!”

AJ held the door open for her and they set off for the elevators. “Do you know how to get there?” she asked.

“Yes I do. We walk down to the lobby and wait for the little bus to pick us up and take us there!”

Emily spotted Brian and Leighanne standing with Kevin and Kristin in the lobby waiting on the shuttle. Emily gave Kristin a big hug.

“So were you surprised about your trip?” Kristin asked her.

“Uh, yeah, although I’m not sure surprised quite sums it up! Was Kevin surprised?”

Kristin rolled her eyes. “No, I ended up having to tell him about it because he was going to go to New York to help a guy in the studio.”

“Hey, but I was still surprised when you told me!” Kevin defended.

The small shuttle bus pulled up and they were all greeted with shell leis before climbing aboard. Emily was surprised she hadn’t realized how warm it was out until she was sitting in the air conditioning. Something about being right on the ocean made you forget just how hot it really was out. Especially with the nice breeze blowing.

About twenty minutes later they arrived at the sight of the luau. There were several large tables set up on the grass right by the ocean. Come to think of it, everything was by the ocean in Hawaii. They were greeted with cocktails and fruity drinks as they were escorted to their table right in front of the stage. AJ pulled out Emily’s chair and helped her sit down.

“You look beautiful.” He said, softly.

“Thank you.” She smiled at him.

The three couples talked amongst themselves a little but they all seemed to be off in their own little worlds together. Not long after they were seated, they brought the pig out of the underground oven and they were dismissed up to the buffet. Emily loaded her plate up with all the delicious looking food. She didn’t know what a lot of it was but it certainly looked good. After dinner was dessert. A lot of things with coconut and tropical fruits, and of course, Kona coffee. The show started as soon as the plates were cleared. There was a lot of Hula dancing as well as some ceremonious Samoan chants. At one point, Leigh, Kris and Emily were all invited up to learn how to Hula. Brian, Kevin and AJ very much enjoyed watching their ladies sway their hips like that.

It was dark by the time the show ended and the van took them back to their hotel.

“Want to go for a swim?” AJ asked, gesturing over to the pool area.


They went up to change into their swimming gear and returned down to enjoy the water.

“AJ this is incredible!” Emily said.

“What is?”

“All of this! Here I am, in a pool that’s literally feet from the ocean, listening to the waves while enjoying the live Hawaiian music being played in the terrace bar. It’s perfect! I may never leave!”

AJ swam up to her and wrapped his arms around her. “Then I guess I’ll just have to stay with you, because I want to be wherever you are.”

Chapter 119

Due to the time change, Emily woke just before sunrise. AJ, who was more used to changing time zones, was still snoring away next to her. She snuck out onto the balcony to check out the beginnings of the sunrise and decided that AJ should not miss this sight.

She crawled back into bed next to him and began planting kisses all over his chest. “What time is it?” he mumbled.

“It’s early but the sun’s coming up and I think you should get up and watch it with me!”

AJ opened one eye to look at her. “I’d rather just look at you. You’re more beautiful.”

Emily rolled her eyes. “Please?”

AJ smiled. “Alright, but once that sun is up I’m taking you back to bed young lady!”

They sat on their balcony and watched as the sun slowly creeped its way up from behind the mountain. AJ did in fact take Emily back to bed and they had definitely worked up an appetite by the time they made it down for the free breakfast buffet.

“So do we have a trip itinerary or something?” Emily asked.

“Not really. We have seven days here and then we head back to LA for that concert we’re performing in. I did make a list of the things that might be fun to do while we’re here though. Besides working up an appetite, that is.” He said, grinning at Emily who was polishing off her second plate.

“What kinds of things?” she asked, licking the last of the coconut syrup from her fork.

“I thought it’d be really fun to take a helicopter tour of the volcano. Maybe we’ll go on a dinner cruise. I’d love to go parasailing.”

“No way! I am NOT going parasailing! Are you crazy?” Emily said.

AJ looked puzzled. “Why not?”

“Like I want to be floating up in the air above the ocean! What if the line breaks? I can’t swim. I’d be drowning in the ocean until the sharks come and get me!”

“Emily, there really aren’t many sharks around here.” AJ said.

“Fine. Until the sea turtles get me!”

“Turtles don’t eat people. In fact, they’d probably just let you hang onto them while they swim around.”

Emily sighed. “I just don’t want to, ok?”

“Not even if I go with you? You can go two at a time. Come on, Em! I really want to go! Please?”

Emily bit her lip. He never asked much of her and she hated to be such a chicken. “Alright. ONLY if you go with me. But if I die, I will kill you!”

After breakfast, Emily and AJ rented some snorkel gear and went snorkeling in Turtle Bay, right next to their hotel. Emily could not believe how many fish she saw and became absolutely obsessed with all the sea turtles there were swimming around.

The next day was D-day. Or rather, P-day. AJ had booked them on the first parasailing trip of the day. Emily seriously thought she might throw up as she climbed aboard the boat. She watched as everyone else went before her and before she knew it, it was their turn.

“If you don’t like it, I promise I’ll take you anywhere you want to go!” AJ said as the men helped her into her harness and life vest. Emily was terrified as she walked to the back of the boat that a big wave was going to come and she’d lose her balance and fall right off the edge. They clipped them to the parasail and had them sit down and hold on to the bar. Then they floored the engine on the boat and away they went. Emily had to admit that it was a lot easier and smoother than she ever imagined it would be but she was still terrified. She could see everyone below laughing as she screamed and closed her eyes tightly.

“Em, open your eyes it’s incredible up here!” AJ said.

Emily peeked her eyes open and had to admit that the view was spectacular. The ocean was so blue below them and the mountains all around the island looked incredible. Emily still had a death grip on her harness but she managed to relax a little. She was surprised at how unbelievably quiet it was up there. She yelled at AJ every time he moved because it would shake the harness and she was sure she was going to fall. Before she knew it, they were slowly being brought back down to the boat. All she had to do was hang her legs down and she was placed gently back onto the boat.

“What’d you think?” the workers asked.

“Well, I’m very glad to be back down but I guess it was ok.”

“I thought it was fucking incredible!” AJ said, shaking their hands.

AJ gave Emily a hug when they were back on land. “I’m proud of you!” he said.

“What on earth for?”

“For facing your fears! You should be proud of yourself for doing that!”

“Yeah, I guess I am! I went parasailing!” Emily smiled. She did not admit that her hands were still shaking.

The rest of their trip went quickly. Every morning, they’d wake up early and make love to each other before going to breakfast. Then they’d go snorkeling before lunch and then do whatever activity they picked up before dinner. In the evenings they’d go swimming before going back to their room to make love some more.

“AJ, thank you so much for this trip. It was exactly what I needed.” Emily said on their last night.

“You’re welcome. Want to come thank me some more in the bedroom?” he asked.

“Sure! Race you there!” Emily said, dashing off for the bedroom.

AJ quickly grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom and gently tossing her down on the bed. “Looks like it’s a tie!” he said.

“I’ve got a better idea.” Emily said. “Let’s take a shower and freshen up first.”

Emily went and warmed up the water and slowly stripped off her swim suit before stepping into the warm water.

“Come on in, the water’s great!” she said.

AJ quickly joined her and before he knew what hit him, Emily had him pinned against the shower wall and kissed him roughly. It took him a minute to respond, it was so unlike Emily to be so feisty! She ran her hands down his wet body and placed them firmly on his ass as she kissed around his neck a bit before returning to his lips. She slowly brought her hand around to the front and took hold of him, gently stroking as she felt him grow more aroused. She slowly began kissing her way down his chest, spending a lot of time around his belly button.

“You know, for someone who wears a permanent 69 I’m surprised we’ve never actually done that!” she said seductively.

“I think we can certainly arrange for that later.” He said as Emily resumed kissing her way down. AJ moaned loudly as she took him in her mouth.

“Oh God.” He moaned. He placed his hands on her head as she worked him, partially because he didn’t want her to stop and because he needed something to hold onto. “Damn baby, you’re incredible.” He said

Emily picked up her pace as she brought her hand up to stimulate him even more. AJ had been so unprepared for this treat that he didn’t last long. Emily slowly stood up and kissed him. AJ turned off the shower and picked her up and carried her back to the bed.

“AJ, we’re all wet!” she laughed as he laid her down.

“So? I want to fuck you and I don’t feel like waiting to dry off!” he whispered in her ear with that sexy, raspy voice that drove her wild.

“Well then, by all means…..”

“I feel like setting a record tonight.” He whispered.

“What kind of record?”

“Well, my personal best of holding back is 45 minutes of straight fucking before I cum. I want to fuck you for an hour.” He said, kissing her ear.

Emily held back a moan. “Well, don’t let me stop you from achieving your personal best!”

In fact, AJ managed to go 62 minutes. He started out on top, then he flipped them and had her ride him until she orgasmed. Then he took her from behind for awhile before doing it sideways. All in all, Emily lost track of how many different positions he loved her in. All she remembered was the incredible pleasure he gave her over and over again. AJ fell asleep almost immediately after, incredibly exhausted. Emily couldn’t sleep so she turned on the tv. She was flipping through the channels until she saw a picture of AJ on an entertainment channel. She turned up the volume so she could hear.

“Also set to perform at the anti-war concert are the Backstreet Boys. Group member Kevin Richardson spoke to us last week in an interview about the concert.” The voice said.

“Oh we’re very pro-American, we just don’t think this war is the American way.” Kevin said. “Our troops are over there killing innocent people, spending millions in our tax dollars that aren’t doing any good and basically volunteering to lose their lives for no real cause!”

Emily’s jaw hung open. They were performing at an anti-war rally? Why didn’t AJ tell her? And there was Kevin on tv basically calling the soldiers idiots who are just sitting over there killing people for fun! She’d learned enough from her brother’s e-mails and letters to know what was really going on over there and it seemed to her that Kevin was the one who was clueless. Emily was downright furious.

“AJ how could you?” she said, poking him to wake him up.

“What?” he said, startled awake.

“Why didn’t you tell me this concert was a war protest?”

“I didn’t think it mattered!” he said.

“Didn’t think it mattered? Have you forgotten that my only brother is over in Iraq risking his life as we speak?”

AJ sat up and ran his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t realize you’d feel so strongly.”

“Or were you just hoping I wouldn’t find out because you knew I’d be mad?”

AJ looked at the tv and caught the end of Kevin’s interview. “Look, those were Kevin’s thoughts, not mine.”

Emily scoffed. “Right. And you’re just going along with it for fun?”

“Will you please calm down?”


“Have you ever thought that if there were no war your brother would be safe at home?”

“I think that all the time but I also know how important what he’s doing is, unlike all these so-called celebrities who do nothing to change the world yet they’re perfectly happy to sit around a bitch about how bad of a job everyone else is doing.” Emily yelled, getting out of bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m sleeping on the couch. Do NOT follow me! I’m not going to that stupid concert, I’ll change my flight in the morning.” She said, slamming the door behind her.

“Damn.” AJ muttered. “And who the hell are you calling a ‘so-called celebrity’?” he yelled. He received no answer.

Chapter 120

Emily opened the balcony door and lay down on the couch listening to the waves and thinking. She’d overreacted. She knew that. Even going so far as to imply that he wasn’t a real celebrity. She just couldn’t help but to take it personally because she knew that her brother would have and she supported him one hundred percent. In her opinion, the bottom line was that blood is thicker than water and in her eyes she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t respect her brother and in some strange way, AJ’s participating in this concert made it seem like he did not respect John at all. In the end, she decided that as irrational as it may be, she felt how she felt.

Believe it or not, AJ managed to sleep. He was too damn tired. He woke up early, alone. Then he remembered how much it sucked to wake up alone every morning and decided to be the bigger person and apologize first, even though he didn’t really feel like he’d done anything all that wrong. He did know that she didn’t really mean to insult his celebrity status. Emily wasn’t really like that deep down. It still hurt though when she’d said it. He took a quick shower and threw some clothes on before sitting down next to Emily, who’d fallen asleep on the couch. She was still naked.

“Em, wake up. We have meet the others for breakfast in a few hours and I want to talk to you first.” He said.

Emily slowly opened her eyes and sat up.

“Why don’t you go put some clothes on?” he suggested.

Emily sleepily nodded her head and returned a few minutes later looking a little more awake.

“Come here.” He said, pulling her down into his lap. “Listen. I’m sorry I wasn’t more up front with you about the concert. Part of me didn’t want to tell you and an even stupider part of me didn’t think it would be a big deal for you. That was stupid and inconsiderate of me and I’m sorry. And you know I don’t really feel the way that Kevin does. I’m just sick of war period. I wish there were an easy way to end it and I very much support what it is your brother is doing over there.”

“So why are you playing at the concert then?” she asked.

“Honestly? I got outvoted. Howie and I didn’t really want to but it was 3 against 2 and since neither Howie or I was seriously opposed, we agreed. Look, I don’t want to end our trip on a bad note. Will you please forgive me?”

Emily nodded. “I know I way overreacted. I’m sorry too. I’m just so worried about him over there and I absolutely hate the thought that at any minute, he could lose his life for this country and that so many people don’t even seem to appreciate that.”

“I can get that.” AJ said. “Now come back to bed, let’s have make-up sex!”

After they were done showing each other how sorry they were, they quickly showered and re-dressed before they quickly finished packing. They hadn’t really seen much of the others since they’d arrived but this morning they were all meeting down at breakfast.

AJ took notice that Emily sat as far away from Kevin as she could get.

“So how was everyone’s trip?” Kevin asked.

“Oh just peachy.” Emily said with a hint of hostility. Kevin gave AJ a questioning look and AJ just shook his head back at him.

“I heard you went parasailing Emily!” Leighanne said. “How was it?”

“As much as I hate to admit it, I actually enjoyed myself.”

Leighanne told them about their surfing lessons and Kristin talked about the fishing boat Kevin dragged her on.

“I’m really going to miss this breakfast.” Emily commented on her third trip up to the buffet.

It wasn’t much longer before Emily had to say Aloha to Hawaii as she waited to board the plane. “I’m so bummed, I really don’t want to leave!” she said, leaning on AJ.

“I know. I promise, I’ll bring you back here very soon and we can stay even longer!”

“At least the flight is only 6 hours this time since we’re only going to LA.” Kevin commented.

“Gee, I can’t wait!” Emily glared at him.

“What’s wrong with Emily?” Kevin asked Kristin as they took their seats together. “Is she grouchy cuz she’s pissed at AJ again or something?”

“Actually Kevin, as strange as it is, I think you’re the one she’s pissed at.”

“Me? What the heck did I do?” he asked, incredulously.

“I haven’t the slightest clue to be honest, but she’s been perfectly pleasant to everyone else, it’s just you she’s bitchy towards.”

“Em, couldn’t you back off of Kevin a little?” AJ asked.

Emily rolled her eyes. “No.”

AJ sighed. He knew better than to argue.

Emily was exhausted from a lack of sleep and fell asleep soon after they were in the air.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Brian and Leighanne met up with his parents and a very excited Baylee at the hotel. It seemed they had promised to take him to Disneyland while they were here. Emily seemed to get over her fowl mood as she and AJ got settled into their room. They were about to test out their new bed when there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it, don’t go anywhere!” AJ said.

“Who is it?” he called through the door.

“It’s me, Kevin!”

“Go away Kev, we’re busy!” AJ said.

“Come on man, let me in!”

AJ sighed and opened up the door. Emily had sat up on the bed and straightened her shirt before he walked in.

“What’s up?” AJ asked.

“Actually I wanted to talk to Emily.” He said.

Emily’s eyes widened. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Well that’s what I wanted to ask you.” Kevin said. “You seem to be mad at me and I’d like to know if I’ve done something to offend you.”

“Why would you think that?” she asked, shrilly.

“Emily don’t play dumb, I’ve noticed the way you glare at me every time I speak to you.”

Emily sighed and looked at AJ who shrugged and excused himself to the bathroom. He was not getting into the middle of this. Kevin was her friend too and she could deal with it on her own.

“Kevin do you know where my brother is right now?” she asked.

“No, I don’t even think I knew you had one…..” he answered.

“I do. His name is John and he’s in Iraq right now fighting on the front lines.”

“So what’s that got to do with me?” Kevin wondered.

“I saw your interview last night on tv. The one where you basically insulted the intelligence of our troops and made them all out to be the bad guys. Not to mention how totally un-thrilled I am you guys are playing in a war protest.”

“Well I’m sorry you felt offended by that Emily, I really am but I won’t apologize for my feelings. I feel very strongly about that.”

“Kevin what do you even know about it? Have you been there? Have you talked to anyone who has?”

“Not personally, no…”

“Exactly. People like you drive me nuts! You criticize and you complain but when it comes right down to it you don’t even have the intelligence to do a little first hand research to know what you’re talking about before you go spewing off a bunch of bullshit to the press!”

Kevin was shocked. He’d never known Emily to act this way. “Well, I suppose someone could ask you how you can call your opinion sound as you’re clearly biased and brain-washed by having family in the military!”

“BRAIN-WASHED? You’re the brain-washed one! All these half-assed celebrities sitting in their pretty LA homes out to change the world. You think you’re so smart yet you’re all doing things like joining religions based on star trek and shit like that! You don’t know anything about real life! It’s no wonder everyone on capital hill thought you were a joke!”

AJ could sense this was going nowhere and fast. He came out of the bathroom.

“Em, come on….” He started.

“AJ, butt out.” She snapped.

“Look Kevin didn’t come up here to start a fight with you. Can’t you be mature and have a discussion with different opinions? I mean can’t we be adults about it?”

“Are you saying I’m being immature?” she asked.

AJ cleared his throat. “Well, I mean, you are kind of acting a little bit that way….”

“Unbelievable.” Emily muttered, grabbing her purse and storming out of the room.

Kevin sat on the bed blinking, trying to figure out what happened.

“Sorry man…” AJ said.

“Don’t be.” He said. “It’s not your problem.”

“Oh I think it might be now.” He said under his breath as Kevin left.

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